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App is worth $0.99

Totally disappointed in this app. It feels very iPhone 4. Blocky, unintuitive interface. Save the $10 and go buy some ice cream.

very good + few recent issues

Im a fan. Have expanded my use of bossjock to post to Libsyn (which then auto creates a WP post and serves iTunes) and SoundCloud. Have run into these recent issues: 1) when I export MP4 via FTP ... the title automatically gets an .mp4 added to the end. This title is then used in SoundCloud, iTunes, and the title of WP blog. ; 2) just in the last 2 days BossJock will post to SoundCloud but the file never fully renders. Even after about 10 hours when i clicked the podcast on SC I recd an error saying "still processing". Look forward to sorting these issues so bossjock can continue being a go-to app for mobile podcasting!

Podcast Creator

I highly recommend this App! VA

Its like a studio in your pocket!

Love this app! Allows me to record vocals on a backround track and get pretty good quality doing it.

Almost perfect

I like this I like the download features set ups now all I need is a voice changer some echo some reverb something it sounds like Wolfman Jack just putting it out there.


This app is an important aspect for my podcasts. I queue segments and play clips from boss jock. Love that I can adjust volume of clips.


Voice activation fails in iPhone 7s. It claims you have to use headphones but iPhone sevens do not have a headphone jack so this is impossible.

Five stars

I have loved BossJock since I first got it years ago. Glad to see you are still developing it. "ThankYou" I understand the quality of sound through wired headset is better, although is the a possibility of wireless support in the future? Love it and dont ever take it from the AppStore please! :-)

Bossjock got my podcast lit!

The star of "The Ed Show" podcast (available on iTunes) isnt Ed, its bossjock! Thats why I have the most entertaining sports. Thanks Bossjock! I couldnt have done it without you.

Great app

But it was better for me when the audiobus chain was in a cart and not directly linked to the mic because I could mix levels between the direct mic and audiobus input level in bissjock whereas now this is impossible... 5 stars still because great construction

Best thing since sliced bread!

Ive been a podcaster for over seven years. This is the app that Ive been waiting for all that time. Thank you guys for making it, youve fundamentally changed the way I produce my show.

Good, so far...

Ill rate with 5 Stars if You expand your App with this (i think) Basic Funktions: - "Save als" option - Showing Time length for Sample in Pad - Popup-info-Button to make notice in Pads - Startbutton that Shows Elapsed time Thank You for your Great App!!!

Re-energizing podcasting

Ive only played with the app a little bit since I bought it yesterday morning and Im already getting energized about resurrecting my podcast activities. There is definitely room for some improvements and features. Still, I feel as though this app is perhaps the best new tool for podcast production since the Zoom H2.

Near-perfect app that keeps crashing

Id love to tove this app cause it has almost everything a podcaster needs: notes, audio carts to play your tunes (with audio ducking), mp3 encoding, ID3 tagging, even FTP transfer. The only problem is: it keeps crashing for no reason. One day you record 30 minutes flawlessly, another day it will crash over and over after 3 or 4 minutes. I hope theyll fix it soon: at a 10$ pricetag, you expect an app to just work.

Awesome quality

So far its immediately worth it for the ability to shut of AGC! The quality shines like a studio recording. Still looking for a good line in device but so far so good !

Great portable studio

Im going to keep this short and sweet. This app is fantastic. I am an amateur podcaster addicted to podcasting and podcasting gear. This is the perfect on me all the time piece of podcast gear. If I plan ahead it is even the perfect replacement for my multi-track setup. I use the built in mic on the iPhone. I also use a Mikey Digital on the iPhone. Both sound great. On the iPad, I use my AudioTechnica AT2020 USB mic hooked up to the iPad via the USB to lightning adapter. Again. Awesome. No more problems with crashes and great customer service. Thanks for such a great app.

I wish it was better.

I bought this app after it was recommended by a sponsored podcast. I wanted to produce my podcasts on the fly, when Im not near my PC. Generally I used to use the voice memo app and then iTunes to get my recording off my ipod to my computer. Then Id use audacity to slap on bumpers, encode to mp3, then upload to my host. Boss jocks "no pc needed" tag line is misleading. You still need a PC to upload it to your host. You cant edit in boss jock, so you have to get the whole thing perfect in one take. It also takes almost 2 hours to encode a 40 min recording to an mp3 before it begins to upload to Dropbox. From there, I have to download it from drop box before ican upload again to my host. It doesnt save me any time to use bossjock. It is a pain and there are not many useful tutorials. Overall im disappointed. I paid $11 and feel like it was false advertising.

Now, very good app! Thanks!

The best iphones app for making a mobile podcast or stand alone iPad podcast. Very simply and powerful. You can produce a podcast episode with external pre recorded contribute. Amazing! Thanks for fix of the old problem with ios 7 and Music library. Now, its a perfect App! And all functions works well! - Next step: a noise gate for reduce the noise on the mic and a parametric EQ? ;)

Great but needs more carts.

Love everything, especially the Audiobus support. Needs more carts though. Even iPad isnt enough.

A must have app for Podcasting

I really cannot say enough good things about this app! It is very easy to use and to produce a podcast with. The Dropbox connectivity is very simple to set up and use so you can have a folder with content you want to have loaded. Audiobus support makes it easy to record your own tags, stingers, and bumpers for your show. The FTP export works very smoothly, but only lets you post to root directory. GREAT APP!!!

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